The only industry standard workflow template for composers using Reaper. Used by thousands of composers & producers worldwide... including A-List video game and film composers.

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1400+ Custom Scripts and Actions for Reaper, Pre-built Project Templates with Track Routing, Pre-configured Track Templates, Custom-designed Reaticulate GUI, Included Articulation Map Templates, OTRv1 Project Converter to OTRv2, Custom Designed Reaper Theme, Easy-to-use custom designed GUI to manage track groups and stem routing, and more!

Visually Impaired?

With the introduction of OTR v2.3, composers who are visually impaired will now have access to a DAW workflow that empowers assistant-free composing through the use of tailored scripting and workflow enhancements which provide visually impaired screen prompts (VISP) for screen-reading software. With minimal assisted setup required in the beginning, visually impaired users will be able to compose and render songs with speed and ingenuity... all without an assistant required.
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